Dental services

Dental services

The dental centre provides a full range of services in dentistry. You will find general dentists, specialists and denturists that will satisfy all your oral health needs. For example:

General dentistry:


Complete exams and follow-ups;
Dental cleaning;
Restorations (grey or white composite);
Teeth whitening;
Gum graft and treatment;
Root canal treatment;
Wisdom teeth extraction;
Crowns, inlays and veneers;
Dental implants;
Halitosis and bruxism;
Sleep apnea and snoring.
Partial denture;
Complete denture;
Immediate denture;
Rebasing, relining and reabsorption;
Repairing a denture;
Removable implant-supported overdenture;
Bar-retained overdenture;
Fixed bridge.