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Teeth Whitening at Home


  • Thoroughly brush and floss before inserting the gutters into the mouth.
  • Fill the gutters with the whitening gel about one third of the tank and deposit it in the front part of the gutter.
  • Insert the gutters in the mouth and keep them for the time needed, according to the dentist’s instructions.
  • Remove the gutters after the required time. Thoroughly rinse the gutters and clean them with a toothbrush, gently to avoid tearing the gutter.
  • When bleaching, avoid foods that stain like red wine, blueberries, tomato sauce, coffee, cola, etc. It is completely inadvisable to smoke during tooth whitening.
  • During teeth whitening, your teeth and your gums could become sensitive, that’s normal. If the sensitivity becomes intolerable, stop tooth whitening for one to two days. If pain persists, contact the dentist to report.
  • The end result is very variable and depends on several factors. For best results, it is necessary to insist more, by increasing the contact time of the peroxide on the teeth and the frequency of use, even, in some cases, up to several months.

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